Classic Motorcycle Restoration

Classic Motorcycle Restorations

Classic Motorcycle Restorations, Classic Motorcycle For Sale, Vancouver Island BC Canada.    International Classic Motorcycles has a sound history of the highest quality restoration work on all makes of classic motorbikes . 

We provide 

Full restoration services BMW, Harley Davidson, Indian, Norton, Triumph, BSA, Honda Kawasaki Yamaha. 

English and other Motorcycle Service, Repairs, Engine, Gearbox Rebuilds, Front End, Rear End Suspension Brakes etc. Rewiring, Electronic Ignition Installation 



Comment From US Norton Collector

Undoubtedly the best Norton Restoration I have ever seen. Seeing it has made my holiday complete. John Child MN

Comment From BMW Owner

I have waited 20 odd years to get this out of the shed and get it back on the road. I thought it was too far gone. My wife and I have great memories of this bike and seeing it back  in better than original condition has been well worth the expense of doing so. Ken Hope Canada