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Motorcycle Sidecars  Take your family with you in the safety and comfort of a motorcycle sidecar.


Don't lose sight! Motorcycling is an event for everyone. Take your family with you in the safety and comfort of a sidecar. We have over 10 Models to choose from and can be mounted to just about any Bike.

Superior Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of our sidecars not only have less effect on gas mileage, tire wear and handlebar pull, but add to the appearance of this product. Our aircraft style windshield deflects a minimal amount of air onto the motorcycle.

Superior Carrying Capacity

The Astro 2+2, the SP2 and the GTL models have some of the most spacious cockpits ever to grace the side of a motorcycle, with enough space for a child carrier seat.

Superior Weather Protection

The hard top roof on our touring models stores behind the seat and can be put on in less than 30 seconds, so you are ready for any change in weather. Easy to use soft tops are available for most of the models that don’t have a hard top. Fresh air vents are standard in all of our sidecars. We even have Air Conditioning available to help keep you cool on those really hot summer days!

Superior Handling

Our low center of gravity makes cornering safer. The electric camber control (ECC) makes adjustment for varying load, road, wind and speed conditions as easy as flicking a switch. Many sidecars are built high and light causing them to lift easily on right-hand corners. These sidecars are built low to the ground so you can take right-handers at a good clip, helping you retain the fun of cornering.

Superior Quality

Hand laid fiberglass makes a light and strong body shell, allowing us to put extra strength into our frame and mounts. Our custom machined clevises, heavy wall tubing, grade 8 bolts and aircraft nuts speak “quality”.

Superior Comfort

The side step and lift-up hatch opening make exit and entry into the roomy cockpit easy. The reclining seat makes these sidecars a great place for the passenger to lean back for a nap.


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